Sporting Events And Travelling, 21cm*16cm(8.3in*6.3in) 4512

Sporting Events And Travelling, 21cm*16cm (8.3in*6.3in) The Goodmed Global Family Guard First Aid Kit contains a total of 180 distinctive family focused items: 1 x Instant cold pack 2 x Sick bags 10 x Safety pins 1 x Disposable face shield 2 x Medicine oral dosage syringe 1 x Digital thermometer 1 x Tweezers stainless steel 1 x Safety scissors 1 x Emergency blanket 1 x Disposable gloves 1 x First aid guide 2 x Medical tape roll 4 x Sterile gauze pad 7.5cm*7.5cm (3in*3in) 4 x Sterile gauze pad 5cm*5cm (2in*2in) 2 x Wound dressing pad 2 x Eye pad 10 x Alcohol prep wipes 10 x Povidone iodine prep wipes 10 x Relieve burn gel sachets 1 x Resealable Bag Cotton tip applicators (40) 20 x Waterproof fingertip Band-aids 60 x Waterproof standard Band-aids 20 x Waterproof butterfly Band-aids 6 x Waterproof elbow & knee Band-aids 1 x Triangular bandage 4 x Elastic gauze bandage 1 x High elastic bandage The Family Guard First Aid Kit has all the essentials you need to provide the care you and your family needs with minor scrapes and injuries. Home: The inevitable will happen with you have a house full of kids (big or small). Scrapes can be quickly attended to with a choice of Band-aids and bandages. Splinters? The stainless steel tweezers will do the job nicely. Traveling: When someone gets car sick, be prepared with the car sick bag- it won�t leak. car first aid kit Events: Playing sports or just some family fun at the park, the instant cold pack is ideal for treating any bumps and bruises. For serious injuries, please seek expert medical assistance. If unsure how to treat an injury, consult the enclosed First Aid Guide or contact your local medical professional for advice. Goodmed Global is an Australian owned and operated company. first aid kit home Backend keywords First aid kit, home first aid kit, car first aid kit, family first aid kit, vehicle first aid kit, first aid kit home, camping first aid kit, individual first aid kit, first aid kit travel
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